Dog biting purple ornament while swimming during daytime

Teaching Dogs to Swim and Water Safety Tips

As summer is approaching, there are many people who will hit the beach and swimming pool and go boating. Among them, those who are dog owners bring their furry friends with them. If you are one of them and bring your dog around rivers, lakes, pools, and oceans, here are the tips that you must keep in mind to keep your dog always on the safe side. 

Now let’s have a look at those tips below:

Invest in a Life Jacket for Your Dog 

Dogs know how to paddle a boat, but they don’t know how to swim. In fact, there are certain types of breeds that find it difficult to swim due to their body type. If you are taking your furry friend around a lake, ocean, or sea, make sure you invest in a life jacket for them. It will prove helpful for them.

Even experienced swimmers find it useful while swimming. Most of the dog’s life jackets come with handles, and therefore, if you need to lift your puppy out of the water, you can easily do it by pulling the handle. 

Don’t Force Your Furry Friend to Swim 

You should never force your furry friend to swim. It is a scary experience for them. It may even turn into a dangerous act. You can start playing with your dog with tennis balls or other types of floating toys. If you own a dog, it is your duty to give them a safe and secure place where it can enjoy playful activities.

Most homeowners in today’s age opt for an underground dog fence for outlining a boundary around their property and making their yard a safe place for their furry friend. If you want, you can go for building a dog pool in your yard where dogs can learn canine swimming. 

Give them Drinking Water 

While bringing your furry friend to the ocean, sea, swimming pool, or lake, make sure they don’t drink the water. It may cause serious harmful effects on the body. Most of the time, it has been seen that lake water contains algae and bacteria in water, and it causes serious health problems.

Drinking chlorinated water or salted water may not prove good for your pet. Therefore, you should always carry a source of drinking water along with you while taking your dog for a swim. 

Show Your Dog How To Exit Safely

Make sure your dog knows the safety exit the right way. You must show your pup how to reach the shore and how to use the pool steps. How to enter the boat, and so on. By learning your dog this safety tip, the dog can easily avoid the risk of drowning. Even if your dog does not show interest in learning to swim, still you must teach him this technique if they accidentally fall in the water. 

Always Supervise Your Furry Friend

It would help if you supervised your furry friend in the water. Swimming can give your pet a lot of fun, but they also involve the risk of drowning. In fact, the dogs sometimes keep swimming even if they feel exhausted, which may lead to the risk of drowning. By supervising your dog, you make sure that they take breaks from swimming.

Therefore, these are some useful tips that you should consider to teach your dog swimming and water safety tips.

Photo by Murilo Viviani on Unsplash.